Web Hosting As A Tool For Digital Marketing

Over the last couple of years, digital marketing has changed the way businesses and consumers interact. Here in the UK, over 80% of all shoppers now rely on some form of quick online researching before venturing out to shop. And this trend is expected to grow, ecommerce as an industry is projected to grow tremendously by 2020. 

Cheap PBN Hosting

Cheap PBN Hosting

  • Businesses in the UK that are yet to embrace the digital platform as a tool for marketing and brand advertisement are losing out big time. With the looming Brexit uncertainty of single markets or common markets, only the digital platform will offer the stability and ability to maintain and get new customers.
  • Web hosting and digital marketing go hand in hand. In fact the former wouldn’t survive without the latter. It’s important that you get a web hosting company that’s affordable, but also able to host your site without constant breakdowns in uptime or ability to load quickly.
  • You may have a good brand, nicely designed website, but if the host service provider fails you then everything else is doomed to fail.
  • With SeekaHost, we got you covered for all your hosting needs in the UK. Our hosting plans are flexible and recommendable for anyone or any business that’s looking for an affordable, yet reliable long term plan. Our robust backup systems and encryptions means that your data is always safe and secure.
  • In the over several years that SeekaHost has been in existence, none of the clients have had their sites tampered with or broken into. In fact, our clients are pleased that our tech team is always on standby to assist in case they’re experiencing a technical issue.

While some people feel that free hosting is the way to go, we always remind our clients that cheap can be indeed expensive. If you’re in business for instance, you aren’t in it alone, there are tens and probably hundreds of others all doing a similar business. How do you remain ahead of the pack, how do you make yourself standout? 

Free hosting is often fraught with inconveniences ranging from overload in traffic (everyone loves free things, hence the huge traffic) that inevitably leads to sites going down or loading for eternity without displaying content. Yet, for a small fee of less than £2, you can get yourself some sufficient disk space to operate your site from! 

fastest UK web hosting services

fastest UK web hosting services

  • A business hosting package comes with unlimited space especially if it’s being hosted in dedicated servers. Create own emails for your staff, pick the perfect domain name for your business site in the UK. SeekaHost has professionals who’ll help you choose the right hosting plan based on your business needs.
  • For UK businesses looking to integrate ecommerce shopping and payment on their sites, it’s important that they guarantee the safety of their customers. After all, the internet is full of scammers and cons looking to exploit any loopholes they spot on innocent shoppers.
  • According to a recent survey, over 66% of UK shoppers wished they’d receive the goods they’ve paid for online within or under 6 hours! Now, that’s important to note! Shoppers are willing to entrust you with their money first if you can deliver the goods they bought expeditiously.
  • How then would a customer feel if they paid for a product from your business, but after an hour, the site goes down for whatever reason? Or each time they tried completing a transaction they keep getting prompted back to the Home Page?  Nothing harms your brand like inconsistency in the form of a poorly hosted website.
  • SeekaHost UK office is located in London and as such, even our tech support team is locally based, available 24/7.  We have a keen knowledge of the digital marketing trends here in the UK and when you hire us to host your business site, we don’t just integrate you into the system and sit back; we strive hard to ensure that your site gets prominence on the major search engines. We go the extra mile of bringing on board our web designers to help compliment the other efforts by our support team.
  • You will hardly find affordable and reliable hosting services as what SeekaHost UK offers you. Our prices are fair and suitable for all segments including individuals, bloggers, web masters, small and large businesses, you name it. If you are not impressed with our services after 45 days, SeekaHost has a money back policy.
  • Luckily, in all our years of service, every client that has come on board has wished they did so earlier! People looking to operate multiple blogs or sites will be pleased to learn that we offer multiple IP addresses for such so that you really have the freedom to pursue your objectives without limitations.

Get in touch now for more details on our different web hosting plans. SeekaHost is your bridge to the lucrative world of digital marketing, the new frontier where UK businesses are taking their battle for customers and profitability.

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