Top 10 Best Keyloggers for iPhone 2019

Monitoring an iPhone is not easy, especially if you lack the right software. In most cases, parents, spouses, and even employers use tracking apps to monitor phones. One of the essential features that many people consider when looking for the right iPhone tracking app is keylogging.

This is a feature in mobile phone tracking apps that record each keyboard stroke on the target phone. It is usually used to access data such as passwords and other secret information that can be deleted from the phone. Some of the best iPhone key logger apps include;


With an iPhone keylogger app like spyic, you can never go wrong. Spyic is one of the most commonly used tracking apps for parents whose children use iPhones.

Best Iphone keyloggers

Best Iphone keyloggers

The app comes equipped with other tracking features like GPS tracking and even Geo fencing. You can visit the Spyic official website to get a load more of what they offer.

Highster mobile

Other than having a great iPhone keylogger features, highster mobile is an ideal tracking app for any monitoring. Although it requires jailbreaking the phone, the app uses over the air method to install and track.


If flexispy could be installed remotely, then it could have been the best iPhone tracking app. According to their website, this is so far the most effective tracking app for iPhone rich with helpful tracking features like social media and even private messaging on various platforms like emails.

Pumpic iPhone Keylogger

This is one of the most popular keylogger apps among parents. That is because the apps’ tracking features focus heavily on parents and offer excellent geo-fencing and GPS tracking features. Pumpic can also be used to monitor things like phone calls, downloaded apps, amongst other things. The app provides some of the best iPhone keylogging features so far.


Unlike most keylogger apps for iPhone or iOS, spyzie does not need you to jailbreak the phone that is to be tracked. Note that while jailbreaking will allow you access to a phone that you are tracking, it creates room for other security risks. That is because of jailbreaking leaves an iPhone vulnerable to various cyberattacks.


Spyera is known to be the only iPhone tracking app that cannot be discovered by the owner of the phone in subject. One of the features that make this tracking app uniquely discreet is the fact that it does not drain so much power. It is one of the most recommended keylogger apps for the iPhone since it can hardly be discovered.


This is yet another iPhone keylogger app that has an outstanding performance. Although it requires you to jailbreak the phone you want to track, its keylogger feature remains unbeaten. The app runs in the background, making it hard to be discovered. Other than keylogging, the app also has other tracking features like texts message tracking and even call recording.

iKey Monitor

The keylogging capabilities of this application remain unmatched. Compatible with all kinds of iOS, the iKey monitor can track thins like the browser history, not forgetting all stroked keys on the target device.

The truth spy

One unique feature about truth spy is that it can be used for remote tracking. Widely used by parents to monitor their children, this app provides one of the best keylogger features for iPhones and other devices that run on iOS. The truth spy also has other vital tracking features like apps downloaded and browser history of the target phone.

Kid logger

This is one unique keylogger application because certain words like drugs trigger it. Other than recording every keystroke on the target phone, this app makes it easier for you by choosing specific words that may sense danger to your kid.


Tracking an iPhone is not easy because jailbreaking is, in most cases involved during the process. This can increase the chances of your tracking mission failing because the owner of the phone can catch you in the middle of the process and wonder what you are busy doing in their phones. When looking for the best keylogger app for iPhone, you will need to do sound research to avoid purchasing a fake app.

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