Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk Free Download [ Latest Version ]

 Hey Readers, Hope you are enjoying our tricks and scripts like Miss Call Flooder Script, CCD Auto Verification OTP Bypass, etc, etc…. Today we are back with another awesome trick that will help you to use Poweramp Music Player FREE for LIFETIME. Yeah, you heard it right, Here is the ultimate Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk that will let you use Poweramp full version apk for free. Using Poweramp Unlocker apk, you can enjoy the premium features of the poweramp app for free. In this article, you will find the downloading link of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker apk along with detailed description of all the features of Poweramp Full Version. Though it’s a paid app but for MyFiredBrain readers, we will share a method to grab Poweramp Full Version for FREE.

What is Poweramp?

Poweramp is a very powerful and an awesome music player app for Android and IOS users. This app is one stop destination for all the music lovers who want something extra from their mobile devices. Yes, Poweramp gives you the freedom to listen to music in your own way. Poweramp Music Player is fully loaded with best features that a music player can have. Also, this app has the best user interface engagements that make the poweramp full version app more handy.

But, the sad part about Poweramp Full Version apk is that it’s a paid app. The full version of Poweramp Apk is of around Rs. 70 on playstore. And why not? App worths every single penny spent on it. But, you might not have money with you right now and want to try the app, Right? So, we have got Poweramp Full Version apk that you can download for free from MyFiredBrain

Features of Poweramp Full Version Apk for Android

Poweramp Full Version apk is ranked number 1 in Android and IOS markets. It is the best music player with excellent features and best UI that makes the app more beautiful. You can enjoy the best equalizer settings in Poweramp Full Version apk with the help of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk.

Here is the list of features that you can enable by installing the Poweramp Full Version Apk by using Poweramp Unlocker Apk…

1. Supports almost all music files: This latest version of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk support various music file extensions like  mp3, mp4/m4a (including alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc, and aiff.

2. Provides Best Equalizer: Poweramp full version app gives best equalizer settings. And with these settings, you can equalize any song as per your need.

3. Separated Adjustment settings for Bass and Treble: Another good thing about Poweramp full version app is that you don’t need to mess with bass and treble settings. You can easily set Bass and Treble according to your need without even touching equalizer.

4. Gapless Music Play: This is the problem that is faced while using other music players. Gapless music play means that you won’t need to wait much for the next song, once the current song finishes. In other words, the time taken by the Poweramp Full Version Apk to between two songs is very low.

5. Play Music from Mobile and the Internet: You can play music from wherever you want. You can even create your own playlists to play your favourite songs.

6. Quick Library Scans: You can quickly scan internal and external storage of your Android mobile using Poweramp Music Player.

7. Beautiful UI and Themes: Though the Poweramp Full Version app itself has a great UI. Still, it supports various third-party and built-in themes.

8.Customization: Poweramp Full Version Unlocker apk supports deep customizations. Customizations like themes, UI, Bass, and Treble, etc are supported by Poweramp Music Player for Android.

9. Poweramp also supports Lyrics: One of the best features of Poweramp Full Version apk for Android is that it supports lyrics. You can either add lyrics manually or via the internet.

10. Language Support: Poweramp Full Version supports many languages. It is localized into Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and more.

11. Headset and Bluetooth Support:  Poweramp app supports various headsets, earphones, and Bluetooth devices. This means you can control the app by buttons present on the headsets, earphones or Bluetooth devices.

Screenshots of Poweramp Full Version Apk

Poweramp Unlocker apk

Poweramp Unlocker apk

Poweramp Premium No Root apk

Poweramp Premium No Root apk

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker apk

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker apk

Poweramp Full Version

Poweramp Full Version

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk

Poweramp is priced at around Rs.70 on playstore, But we promised to help you to get it for free. Right? Yeah…. So, Let me introduce you with the Poweramp Unlocker Apk that will let you use Poweramp Full Version for free for lifetime. This unlocker apk will unlock all the features of Poweramp Music Player for free. You can download Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk for free from the download link given in the end of this article. But, the problem is How to use poweramp unlocker apk to Poweramp Full Version for free.Also, there will be no need to root you mobile for using Poweramp Full Version Apk. Don’t worry below is the step by step guide about how to use Poweramp Full Version Unlocker apk.

Requirements for Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk for Android:

  • Android version of the device must be equal to or higher than 2.1 (eclair).
  • There must be minimum of 256mb ram in the device to run the application. However, 512mb ram is suggested to use the application fluently.
  • There must be sufficient space on your device to store and install Poweramp full version unlocker apk.
  • Umm…. A Little bit of mind.

How to get Poweramp Full apk Unlocker for Android:

1. First of all, Download the Poweramp Music Player (Trial) from playstore.

2. Download the Poweramp Unlocker Apk from the link given in the end of the post.

3. Install the apk file of Poweramp Full Version Activator Apk that you can find at the end or the article.

4. Now you have both, Poweramp Music Player (Trial) and Poweramp Unlocker apk installed in your Android mobile.

5. Open Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk.

6. Once opened, Poweramp Activator apk will show a pop-up regarding Poweramp Full Version Activation.

7. Click on that Pop-up.

8. The activation process will begin and when the process is completed, You can use Poweramp Full Version for free.

9. Now what? Go and enjoy your Premium Version of Poweramp Music Player for free for Lifetime.

Free Download Latest Version of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk for Android [No Root]

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Downloading Link of Poweramp Unlocker Apk

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 2-build-26.apk

Or Purchase it from Playstore 


Final Words

Finally, I am done with the article regarding getting Poweramp Full Version Unlocker for free. Though I tried my best to explain everything in detail. If you are still left with any kind of doubt, please comment down and I will be back to you.

You can easily install Poweramp Unlocker Apk by reading the above article. The article has the in-depth explanation to get Poweramp Full Version Apk for free. Also, Downloading Link of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk has been given in the article.

I will be updating the article each time a new version of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Apk is released. So, keep visiting MyFiredBrain regularly.

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