4 Modern SEO Trends Your Business Needs to Embrace


Engaging with modern consumers is no easy task. These days, people have more options than ever when it comes to the businesses they can use. Creating a competitive edge is only possible when establishing an online presence for your company.

Most businesses spend around 8 percent of their annual gross revenue on marketing campaigns. The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make is failing to track the marketing campaigns they are engaged in. This will generally lead to a lot of money and resources being wasted.

Making sure that the marketing methods you are using are both effective and modern is vital. Staying on the cutting edge of marketing technology and trends can help you reach a larger audience. Read below to find out more about the modern SEO trends your business needs to embrace.

1. The Rise of Voice Search

Modern technology companies are constantly looking for ways to make using their products more convenient for consumers. This is why voice search has become so popular in a relatively short amount of time. Most people would rather speak a search phrase to their phone or smart device instead of typing it into a browser.

Most smartphones have assistant-based technology built right into them. One of the most popular virtual assistants in the world is Apple’s Siri. The best way to embrace the power of voice search is by implementing certain keywords into your content.

When attempting to developing these keywords, you need to think about what a consumer would say to their smart device to search for your product or service. Often times, these phrases will be posed in the form of a question. If you are unsure about how to optimize your content for voice search, working with a marketing professional is essential. These professionals will be able to find and implement voice search keywords easily.

2. Entertain Your Audience With Videos

Some business owners think that the only thing they need to do to drive traffic to their website is populate it with tons of written content. While blogs, white papers and well-written page content can help with increasing traffic, you need to do a bit more. Consumers have notoriously short attention spans, which is why you need to use marketing methods that provide instant gratification and helpful information.

In the past decade, videos have become the marketing tool of choice for some of the most successful companies on the planet. Producing short and informative videos can help you reel in traffic and increase sales leads with ease. Writing out a video script can help you avoid rambling during the production process, which will lead to your message being more concise.

If you are going to add videos to your website’s homepage, you need to make sure it can handle this load without slowing down. Working with IT professionals like the WGroup can help you get your website and infrastructure ready for the implementation of videos.

3. Providing a Seamless User Experience

Are you looking for a way to improve your search engine ranking? If so, focus on providing the best user experience you possibly can. Search engine juggernauts like Google consider user experience (UX) when assigning rank to a particular website. This is why your main goal should be providing a seamless user experience.

This means not only providing consumers with a great looking website, but with an app for a great mobile experience as well. An overwhelming number of consumers use their mobile device to search for businesses and visit their websites. Without a responsive website, you run the risk of losing lots of sales leads. 


4. Long-Form Content is Vital

Well-written blogs have been a key ingredient in SEO success for many years now. However, the length of the content has changed considerably. Having blogs that are over 1,000 words is essential when trying to attract the attention of search engines.

If at all possible, you need to develop blogs that are over 2,000 words on occasion. Most business owners don’t have the time or the skill needed to develop this long-form content, which is why working with a content marketing professionals is a good idea. With the help of a professional writer, getting quality content produced on a regular basis will be a breeze.

Investing in Marketing is Wise

Failing to embrace modern marketing trends may lead to you losing a lot of business. Paying professionals to help you develop and implement new marketing campaigns is worth it due to the results they can produce. 

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