How Can A Marketing Firm Grow By Using Content Marketing As A Tool?

Content marketing is a method of marketing that focuses on creating and distributing content to attract a well-defined target audience. Content marketing is different from other means of marketing because here, there is so much more value that the customers get (elaborated below).

Some examples of conventional modes of content marketing include infographics, website content, TV commercials, and so on. Like any other form of marketing, content marketing also aims to achieve three things:

  1. Increased sales/revenue and profits
  2. Reduced costs
  3. Increase in customer loyalty – old and new customers

So, how exactly can marketing firms grow using content marketing? What are the tips and tricks, do’s, and don’ts? Read on to find out!

Content Marketing as a Tool

Given below are some ways in which content marketing helps your business grow and the advantages of certain types of marketing.

Educating the Audience Builds Trust

The primary purpose of content marketing is two-fold:

  1. Your company wants to make a pitch to sell its product or service
  2. From the customers’ view – and this is more important – you want to educate and inform the audience about the product or service.

With proper, informative content, your audience is not only convinced that your product is worth buying, but they have additional trust in you for making them aware of a lot of details. This creates a relationship of trust with the customer, which sets the foundation for customer retention.

Not Just Sales Pitches

A commonly misunderstood notion is that content marketing and sales pitches are the same. Content marketing is valued so much precisely because it is much more than just a pitch for a product.

The latest news in the sector of your business, educational blog posts about your product or some related technology, instructional videos, social media posts are all covered under the umbrella of content marketing since they are all techniques to engage the audience and draw them to your business.

This helps because the target audience now has more reason to visit your official social media pages, blog, or website. Your marketing campaign is not invasive, but customers approach you by their own volition.

Brand Recognition

Quality products and services will surely give your brand a good reputation, but the same can be achieved – even if not to the same level – through content marketing itself.

Seamless user experience in your business website, catchy commercials or videos that people can instantly relate to, crisp and entertaining blog posts covering relevant topics are some instances where content marketing paints a stellar image of your business.

Even if customers are yet to purchase your products, the right content in marketing makes them trust your business. Pitching your brand through content marketing is a compelling asset and goes a long way in getting the much-needed brand recognition for your business.

Video Content Marketing

A survey by HubSpot reveals that 92% of marketers say video has helped users gain a better understanding of their products and services. Among all forms of communication, video marketing is the most powerful because the combination of sound, visuals, and text has the maximum impact on viewers, making them more likely to retain the information.

Promo videos, interview videos, “how-to” tutorial videos, behind-the-scenes videos for B2B purposes are all examples of video content marketing that will help clients and customers to understand your product and business better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To get more traffic on your website, you want to be more “visible” on search engines and social media, which is where SEO parameters come into play. The more quality content you have – along with the right keywords, tags, and images – the more easily it is found via searches.

Companies often hire an organic SEO consultantto help them with SEO tactics to grow website traffic. A lesser-known fact that is that every image you add in your content can be optimized to appear more prominently in searches.

By tweaking the metadata of the images appropriately, using high-quality images and proper naming conventions and alt texts, this can be done easily. This is also a reason why having regular articles and blogs on your website helps.

For example, if you own an AC business, people might not search for your product directly but might search for related queries like, “How does AC remote work?” and if you have an excellent article on it on your blog, people will notice your business through the article.

Social Media and Sharing

Another aspect that sets apart online content marketing from outbound marketing is the power of sharing, especially on social media. A well-researched and thorough article on a relevant topic is likely to be praised and recommended, whether it’s written on a newspaper or a company website or a social media page.

So, with quality content, readers or viewers can boost your marketing further by sharing the articles and acting as promoters themselves, essentially doing your job for you! This generates more social media traffic, engages the existing customers more, and also gets you many potential customers over social media.

Highly Cost-Effective

If you notice a similarity in all the methods mentioned above, it is that all of them are extremely cost-effective and require minimal financial investments.

TV commercials might be expensive, but in various other forms of content marketing, emphasis on quality of content and SEO can generate twice or thrice as many leads than outbound marketing techniques while costing only a fraction of the expenditure.

Content Marketing for Your Business

By now, you would have an idea of the necessity and the power of content marketing to grow your business and to establish yourself as an expert in the industry or sector. There are many ways to generate content and get the desired outreach, but investing a considerable amount of resources in content marketing is something that you must do.

However, remember that no matter what form you use for content marketing, always include a call to action (CTA) at the end. This is how interested customers can get in touch with your business to finish a sale or deal. It is essential to engage the customer until the deal is complete.

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