Here’s How A Work Order Software Could Help Your Marketing Agency

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and with it, our requirements. As a marketing agency, you should be looking at boosting productivity with comprehensive work order management software.

Not only will it help you improve on the efficiency of your workflow, but it will also keep track of all your data and dates — pretty much everything that you’ll need.

But What Is A Work Order Management Software, Again? 

work order software is a tool that provides visibility to all the moving parts of a work cycle. It takes into account materials, commissioned tasks, comments from the client, the schedules, keep track of the employee work schedules, and everything else that a marketing agency might need.

With the help of such a tool, teams can maintain a record of all the essential information, including all the work that has been done, what’s prioritized, and the work that’s scheduled.

How does this software boost productivity?

As is evident, this tool has a lot to offer to a marketing agency and every industry anywhere in the world. Let’s quantify these in a more refined manner.

Boosts Efficiency 

With the help of the right tool, organizations can gain an edge at every step of their work order cycle, be it task scheduling, completion, or performance in general. Here’s how:

  • Scheduling: As soon as a task is initiated by, say, a service request from a customer, you can see everyone who is or will be available to take the job. Post that; it’s up to the admin to assign the task to an appropriate professional or team. You can also keep track of unassigned tasks, make suitable arrangements for repeating jobs, and so on.
  • Completion: A cmms software can be used on mobile devices as well, and you can leverage them to get digital signatures of every task that has been completed. The tool also stores data of all the job that has been completed and the people who did it. All this information is stored in a database for future reference and exported to the accounts team for invoicing and payments.
  • Tracking Expenses: As an admin, you can manage service contracts and track chargeable activities. Everything reflects on the balance page against the contract amount. Things go so far up to the point where every agent or professional working on a project can record the expenses associated with their job.

A CMMS tool can also schedule emails to your clients, reminding them of payments, appointments, and keep everyone in the loop if something needs fixing.

Minimizes Human Errors 

Human errors — the same thing that troubles the perennial purchase order management can lead to inefficiency even during work order management. As an agency, if you’re someone who wants to get the most out of the work you put in, choosing the right software is the way to go.

A digital work order system takes all the components that build a work cycle and centers them around maintenance tracking. Everything starting from task scheduling to completing every assignment is consolidated to be easily accessible to those in charge.

This little stint can save agencies a lot of futile effort in reversing human errors. Moreover, if you decide to automate it, the CMMS tool will stick to the best practices and maximize user productivity. It will do so by speeding up billing, communication, updating spreadsheets, and almost everything else you give it control over.

Everyone Is On The Same Page 

When using work order management systems, users can’t miss critical updates. The workflow is extremely streamlined, and everyone in the process gets real-time updates of what’s going on and where they stand in the middle of it.

This ensures that whatever can go wrong is fixed in time by the concerned personnel, more so if the client also actively participates in communications. Again, with the help of mobile versions of these tools, everyone can stay in the loop even while traveling, making the service all the more effective.

And if these points don’t convince you, understand that a CMMS tool also makes room for standardization to a great degree. For instance, as a marketing agency, your organization can optimize its techniques to make the company operations more productive.

Real-Time Work Order Processing 

While the general convention dictates industries follow a written hard copy of their work order and other data, any ambitious marketing agency must have a progressive mindset.

While a written/printed hard copy would sit on the worker’s desk for hours and days until it is seen, urgent matters remain unattended. This is precious time lost and can lead to drastic results for those who depend on the work to be done on time.

Now, time wasted is work hampered, and that directly means losing a client. If you use a CMMS tool to receive work orders, every bit of information is read by the concerned eyes and sent for processing. There aren’t any disruptions in your cycle whatsoever.

Access Data On The Go 

When it comes to marketing, every bit of information is vital and needs to be identified, and often when there are many moving parts, it can be challenging to keep track — more so when you’re on the go. And here’s when a work order management tool comes into play.

This software can take all your relevant data and upload it to its servers. And then, whenever required, whether it’s an image or a document — you can access it or upload it on the same servers in real-time and on the go. So, bid farewell to the delays caused by commuting and transportation.


All in all, it’s safe to say that that work orders are the pillars that hold the weight of any competent marketing agency. And to manage the entire system revolving around it, it’s best to invest in a work order management software to keep the cycle of demand and work in check.

Jobs will be defined, schedules maintained, assignments tracked, reports all digitized, all the data ubiquitously available to all those who need it. And in turn, you’ll have an efficiently performing marketing business in place.

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