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Free Download GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version

“WhatsApp”…… Have you heard of this app’s name ever before? You must have 😛 . Whatsapp is world’s largest used online messenger android application. It has billions of active users. WhatsApp has a lot of cool features, like broadcasting, status, profile pictures, Whatsapp Groups and Cool Whatsapp Group Names. But, we are Humans and still want something more than this 😛 . So today, we are going to present an awesome mod of the official Whatsapp android app named GBWhatsApp apk. Some of you might have heard about it. In this article, we are going to share the download link of GbWhatsapp Apk Latest Version 5.80 along with the complete procedure of downloading and installing Gb Whatsapp apk in your android devices. We will also share all the features of GbWhatsapp apk. So let’s start with some more information about GB WhatsApp Apk for android.

What is GBWhatsapp apk?

Download Gb Whatsapp Apk

Download Gb Whatsapp Apk

Gb Whatsapp apk is a modded application of the official Whatsapp. It’s way better than the normal Whatsapp apk. Gb Whatsapp apk is getting very popular from the time it’s launched. Today, millions of people use GB WhatsApp apk to get rid of boring Whatsapp Application. This modded version 5.80 of GbWhatsapp Apk is full of great and cool features that you can not enjoy in the normal version of WhatsApp. Also, Gb Whatsapp can be used in any android device. Yes, you got it right… You can download and install Gb Whatsapp Apk, even if your android device isn’t rooted. So, NO ROOT is required to use this awesome mod of Whatsapp. Also, you may be worrying that what if WhatsApp bans your account for using the modded version? No need to worry as this Latest version of Gb Whatsapp apk v5.80 comes with anti-ban protection.

Download Gb Whatsapp apk v5.80

Features of GBWhatsapp Apk

Download GbWhatsapp

Download GbWhatsapp

Since we are talking about the GbWhatsapp, you might be wondering that what’s so special in this modded apk. So, here is the list of some of the best features that you might not get in the official WhatsApp in coming 2-3 years. We all know that the official version of Whatsapp has countable old features. But, Gb Whatsapp apk is power packed with hundreds of extra features along with all the features of official Whatsapp.

These are the features of GBWhatsapp apk that blow off your minds….

  • Message Scheduler: Imagine tomorrow is your best friend’s birthday, and you want to wish your bestie before anyone else can and at the same time you are feeling tired and want to sleep. For such situations, you can use the GB Whatsapp apk’s feature of message scheduler. You can easily schedule messages by just filling the time, date, message and to whom you want to send the message. Just this much, GbWhatsapp apk will take care of the rest. Isn’t it cool? Yes, it is.
  • Disable Calls for Specific Contacts: Tired of getting lots of Whatsapp Calls? Download GB Whatsapp Apk to get rid of irritating WhatsApp calls. Here, you can select the contacts from which you wish to receive Whatsapp calls.
  • Hide Last Seen for Specific Contacts: You can not only block WhatsApp calls, you can even your Hide Last Seen from specific contacts.
  • Your account will not be banned because of using Whatsapp Mod, i.e, Gb Whatsapp Apk.
  • Some cool new emojis are added that you can show off to your friends and family.
  • Broadcast message to 600 People: The Normal version of Whatsapp allows you to broadcast a particular message to only 250 people at a time. but GbWhatsapp apk allows you to broadcast the message to 600 people at the same time.
  • Theme Store: You can try thousands of cool themes for your Gb WhatsApp account.
  • You can set up Whatsapp Group Names of up to 35 Characters.
  • You can even send videos up to 50MB, while the official version of Whatsapp allows you to send videos only up to 16 MB.
  • Video Calling feature is also working now.
  • You can even make your Gb Whatsapp Apk account look something different from official Whatsapp. You can do this by hiding last seen, blue ticks, second tick, typing a message and a lot more…
  • Gb Whatsapp apk is fully customizable.
  • You can even put a status of 255 characters rather than of just 139 characters ( official Whatsapp Users ).
  • This Gb Whatsapp latest version 5.80 supports 100+ languages.
  • Gb Whatsapp apk comes with a lock feature. You can lock your Gb Whatsapp app without using any third party software.
  • Also, this version of GBWhatsapp is light and run smoothly even on android devices with low ram.
  • You can send 90 images in one go, whereas if you were using Official Whatsapp, it would not be possible as it allows you to only send 10 images in one go.
  • One can also change the GB Whatsapp icon and notification icon as per his/her choice.
  • You can Install 2 WhatsApp in one mobile without rooting your device.
  • Gb Whatsapp users can copy or download their friend’s status in just one click.
  • You can distinguish between broadcasted message and a normal message.
  • Hide Date and Time of copied messages: Sometimes, when we want to share our chat with someone, the most irritating part remains those dates and time along with each message. This means that you can easily copy bulk messages without showing their date and time stats.
  • You can send a message to a new contact without saving his/her mobile number.
  • You can even call someone directly from Gb Whatsapp apk.
Gb Whatsapp Apk Features

Gb Whatsapp Apk Features

There are many more features that you can find out by Downloading Gb WhatsApp Apk.

What’s New in GBWhatsapp Apk?

GbWhatsapp apk Version 5.80

Features of GbWhatsapp Apk

Features of GbWhatsapp Apk

GbWhatsapp apk Latest Version 5.90

download Gb whatsapp apk v5.90

download Gb whatsapp apk v5.90

How to Install GB WhatsApp Apk?

After reading about the features of Gb Whatsapp apk Latest Version, you may want to download GB Whatsapp apk and install it on your Android device. Follow the given steps to successfully install GbWhatsapp apk on your mobile.

1. First of all, Download Gb Whatsapp Apk v5.80 from the given downloading link.

2. Once the Gb Whatsapp apk is downloaded on your android device, Tap on the apk to install it.

Install GBWhatsapp apk

Install GBWhatsapp apk

3. When the app is installed, Open the GbWhatsapp Apk.

Download GBWhatsapp apk

Download GBWhatsapp apk

4. Click on Agree and continue.

Gb Whatsapp Latest Version

Gb Whatsapp Latest Version

5. It will now ask to verify your mobile number. Enter your mobile number for which you want to make an account on Gb Whatsapp apk.

Gb Whatsapp Download

Gb Whatsapp Download

6. The mobile number will be verified via OTP ( one-time password ).

Gb Whatsapp Mod Download

Gb Whatsapp Mod Download

7. Once, The mobile number is verified, you are good to go. Gb Whatsapp is now installed on your Android device.

Now what? Just start using the Gb Whatsapp mod apk and enjoy the cool and awesome features of Gb Whatsapp apk.

How to Update Gb Whatsapp to version 5.90?

Since the new version of Gb Whatsapp apk, i.e, version 5.90 is out, you might want to upgrade it to the latest version. In fact, we all want to use updated apps as they offer more security, some cool new features, etc. But, there is always a fear of losing your important data. So, here i am typing a step by step guide to upgrade your gb whatsapp older version apk to gb whatsapp apk 5.90 without losing your data. Believe me it’s too simple. Just be with me and you’ll know it too 😛

Remember, if you want to upgrade from smaller version of gb whatsapp apk to latest version of GbWhatsapp apk without losing your data, donot uninstall the older version and follow the steps given below. 

1. First of all, download gbwhatsapp apk latest version 5.90 from the downloading link given below.

2. Click on install now once the latest version of gb whatsapp apk is downloaded.

3. Wait till it get installed.

4. Boom!!… you just updated your GbWhatsapp apk to latest version 5.90.

Gb Whatsapp Apk Version Information

Application NameGb Whatsapp Apk
Application Size36.4 MB
Gb Whatsapp OfficialGb Whatsapp Apk
Last Updated1 August 2017
Total Downloads2,000,000+
Android Required4.0+ ( above ice cream sandwich )
Application Version v5.80
DeveloperGBMods Co

Permissions required by Gb Whatsapp Apk

Internet Access
Read Contacts
Access to SMS
Access to Media
Get Access to wifi, mic, camera, etc
Modify Audio Settings
Kill Background applications
Access to Vibration
Write Contacts
Use Map Services
Access to External Storage
Access to Location

Video Tutorial on How to download and Install Gb Whatsapp Apk

Download Different Versions of Gb Whatsapp Apk

Download Gb Whatsapp apk v5.90 Latest Version: Click Here

GbWhatsapp Apk v5.80 Latest Version 2017: Click Here

Gb Whatsapp Apk v5.70: Click here

Gb Whatsapp apk v5.60 Mod: Click Here

Latest Version GBWhatsapp Mod v5.50: Click Here 

Whatsapp GB Mod v5.40: Click Here 

Gb Whatsapp apk 2017 v5.30: Click Here 

Updated Gb Whatsapp app Version 5.20: Click Here 

GBWhatsapp Apk v5.15: Click here 

Gb Whatsapp apk v5.00: Click Here

Final Words on Gb Whatsapp apk:

Finally, I am done with this long article on GbWhatsapp apk. I tried to cover everything in detail and hope all your doubts or queries are covered in this article. You can download Gb Whatsapp apk from the downloading links mentioned in the article and install accordingly.

But, If you still have any doubt related to GbWhatsapp apk Latest Version, you can comment down and I will be back to you shortly.

I will be updating this article whenever a newer version of Gb Whatsapp apk is released. So keep checking the article regularly.

Also, if you liked the article, then please do share it with your friends and family, so that even they can enjoy the cool features of GBWhatsapp apk. 

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Daniel - September 22, 2017

Thanks admin, and yes gbwhatsapp apk is better than normal whatsapp. I love it

ashok - October 29, 2017

Actually i am reset my phone setting .
Before resetting my phone settings i was backup my whatsapp messeges to my google drive
It was successfully backup to my drive.
And the problem is after installing the whatsapp restore that backup file .
But the media files is missing
When I am opening my images in my chat box it shows an missing error as shown in screenshot. In this twist is that images is shown in gallery but not show in whatsapp chat box.
Please solve my problem…

    Admin - October 30, 2017

    AT the time of taking backup to google drive, there is an option to backup chats only or chats with all media files including videos. I think you clicked on chats only for backup, and that’s the reason you are facing this problem.

Aafiya shiddqui - April 23, 2018

gbwhatsapp 5.90 download free

Manasseh - August 30, 2018

Where can I change my calls icon to contacts


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